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Photos below by Yoshiko Ariyoshi, Ando, Takami, Associated Press, Paul Chiasson/CP, Rick Bowmer/AP

All quotations as reported by Rebecca Patrick except where otherwise noted.


     “For those ten days in Nagano, I just wanted to do my own thing and concentrate on my skating. I basically hid   
                                                     somewhere until the men’s competition was over.”


                                                                                                   Paul Chiassson/CP                                             Agence France-Press  



   “I couldn’t sleep the night before the free skate, and the hours right before taking the ice were very difficult. 
But I  was very comfortable when I started my program.  After I pulled off the quad [toe, his first jump], I didn’t worry. 
The program was perfect and effortless."

                All photos in row above by Takami

                                                                                                               Rick Bowmer/AP                                       Allsport/Clive Brunskill


                                                                                                                                                 AP Photo




   “Definitely, it was the spirit of the Games. Going into it, I never fully realized how it would be. 
It’s unlike any other feeling;  the world championships can’t compare. 
The excitement of thousands of athletes is electrifying. It’s almost 
   like Christmas or a big party, such energy.”

                                                                        "It was my b Photos by Takami, Ando, AP



   "It was my best performance ... it was truly the best skating," Kulik said. "Right now, I am a proud Olympic champion."

                                                                           as quoted by Anne Shipley in The Washington Post  (see links below for complete article)



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