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 Our Mission Statement


Kulik's Krew is an international, not-for-profit membership organization whose activities are focused on the talents and career of 1998 Olympic Men's Figure Skating Gold Medalist, Ilia Kulik. 
The Krew's primary objectives are to support Ilia Kulik and his fans by:
  • offering accurate, timely and interesting information about Ilia on our website;
  • promoting Krew attendance for Ilia's competitive and performing career;
  • offering a congenial meeting place and open forum for all of
    Ilia Kulik's fans;
  • advancing, through all our activities, the appreciation of artistic
    and athletic excellence in figure skating.

"Kulik's Krew is helping me to organize everything, for example:
meetings (like LA or NY, open practices, autograph signing, etc.).
A fan club like Kulik's Krew is the only way to be close to my fans."
-- Ilia

Krew at our party for Ilia in Marlborough, MA (Sept. 1998);  Maurizio and Barbara stopped by to join us.

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