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If a picture is worth a thousand words,  how about thousands of pictures? Of Ilia!

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 With Skates

 On Ice Photos  (click on program or show title)



With Skates  (2005-today)
On Ice Photos  (click on program or show title)



Before Skates - Early Skates
Baby Pictures, First Skating Photos

 1995-96          American in Paris


                          Addams Family


 1996-97          Practices



                          Romeo & Juliet

 1997-98          Mortal Kombat

                          Great Skate III


                          Rhapsody in Blue
                          Nagano Retrospective

                          Champions on Ice

 1998-99          Pagliacci

                          Seisouso I

                          Seisouso II

                          Jumpin' Jack


                          Face the Face


                          Tell Me Everything

                          Marlboro I

                          Marlboro II

 1999-00          Bolero

                          Blues for Narada

                          Baseball Cap

                          Stars on Ice

 2000-01          Devil's Trill


                          Drive Driven

 2001-02          Rhapsody in Blue 2001


                          Pick Up the Pieces

                          Rubberband Man
                          Nottingham Gala

 2002-03          Prince Ice World

                          Grieg Piano Concerto
                          Olympic Closing (Salt Lake)

 2003-04          A House Is Not A Home
                          Tribute to Burt Bacharach
                          Viktory for Kids
                          Ice Wars
                          Holiday Ice Dreams

                          Stars on Ice Europe
                          Brian Boitano Skating

                          Prince Ice World '04

                          Prince Ice World '04, Part II
                          Salem, NH Show

                          All I Know
                          Salute to American Music
                          Scott CARES Benefit



 2005-06          Stars On Ice 2005 - page 1
                          Stars On Ice 2005 - page 2
                          Stars On Ice 2005 - page 3

                          Evening With Champions

                          Kristi Yamaguchi Show 05
 Ultimate Rockit
 EisGala Davos
                          Too Darn Hot (Findlay)

                          Findlay Show
Skokie Show
2006-07          Michael Bolton Show
  Kristi Yamaguchi Show '06

 2007-08          Stars on Ice 2008 Opening (Lake Placid)

                          Stars on Ice 2008 (Denver)

 2008-09          Stars on Ice 2009 (DC)
                          Stars on Ice 2009 (Providence & Harford)

                          Holiday Celebration on Ice/ Las Vegas 

 2009-10          Michael Weis Foundation Show 2009

                          Scott Cares 2009 (3 pages of photos)

 2010-11          Michael Weiss Foundation Show 2010
Holiday Moments on Ice/Rapid City (coming soon)

 Before Skates/Early Skates



Without Skates
 Off Ice Photos





 The Porsche



 2000 World Pro Press Conference


 2004 Prince Ice World Video Photos
 2004 Prince Ice World Reception

 2006 Simsbury Brunch with Krew
 2008 Trumbull Brunch with Krew

 2010 10th Gold Medal Anniversary






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