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Friday         I'm Really Here!

3 arrive in NYC - check in to hotel - phone home    
3 meet Krew at Stardust Diner (Bdway at 51st) for dinner

Text Box: That's Laurie, Sarah, Annie, Kara 
and Joyce.
Rita, Medora, Dana, Andrea and Nancy H 
were at dinner too, just not in this photo.



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Text Box: Maria, Carol and Joyce are down the left side of the table. Kara, Annie, Sarah, Laurie and Susan are on the other side.








Text Box: After dinner some people saw Broadway shows - "Mama Mia" and "Cabaret" -
 and others took a walk down Broadway to Times Square and did some night-time site seeing.  So far lots of fun and tomorrow's the BIG DAY !
Text Box: All the waiters sing show tunes right to you...they're really good and lots of fun.

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