Sunday   A Range of Emotions

3 more site seeing - time for fun and time for serious reflection.
3 one last bite of the Apple for this year - goodbye to new and old friends.


Text Box: Text Box: Laurie, Susan (our unofficial New York tour guide), Sarah, Maria, Carol and Joyce take a cruise New York style.
Text Box: Miss Liberty needs no introduction.
  Text Box: If this is the Staten Island Ferry and that's the Statue of Liberty, 
we're definitely tourists!





Text Box: Sarah, always helpful to a fellow tourist ...
especially when the fellow is so attractive!




Text Box: Text Box:


Text Box: But there were more solemn and important places to visit too...
Text Box: Jenny, Kara, Annie, Robyn, Junko and Andrea out on the town.


Text Box: The memorial fence at St. Paul's Chapel, a block from the Trade Center site.
Text Box: This battered sculpture of a globe is the only surviving sculpture from the Trade Center; 
it is now displayed in Battery Park with an 
eternal flame.

Text Box:















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