The Brunch Continues !

  There was lots of good conversation...
[click here for a transcript of more conversations with Ilia]

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      with Lynne and Rebecca...                with Junko and Mayi and Robyn...


   and Nancy N., Sarah, Anne, Nancy D. and Joyce...     and Maria, Norma, Carol and Susan...


              not to mention Kara, Andrea, Annie,
           Robyn, Mayi, Azu and Junko.

Text Box: Medora, Rita, Pam, and Laura also joined in the festivities but are not pictured on this page.

    Ilia liked his early birthday presents (a tennis computer game and karaoke CDs)
    which were from the entire Krew; the green birthday card (the one Maria is ready to give
    to Ilia in the photo below) had every member's name on it.
    and although he may not have been too sure about an early birthday cake,
    Ilia did help to blow out the candles.


 Clearly, the annual creation from Joyce's talented hands was anticipated with relish.
On his way into the restaurant, he kidded about "(wink, wink) someone who might
give me something special to wear" - he knows our Joyce so well!  As always, he loved
his sweater; this year's model was a beautiful charcoal gray.


When Ilia's around, everyone is a photographer !


         Text Box: It was so wonderful to be together,

Too soon it was time for Ilia to leave (the cast bus to Madison Square Garden must leave on time!). So a few last autographs,


a final smile "goodbye,"

Text Box: Text Box: and our special time with Ilia was over.

   We all have special memories, like these...[click for larger versions]


Wait a minute...this isn't over yet! Now we get Ilia on ice!!  Click here to go to Madison Square Garden with us !